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HR Software in Bangladesh | Payroll Software in Bangladesh

SMARTPAY is the best HR Software or Human Resource Information Management System (HRIMS) in Bangladesh. A complete secure system with is very fast. SMARTPAY software is responsive & modern. It developed by PHP and Code igniter framework. It developed for company employee management. If you are looking for payroll software in Bangladesh or HRIS software in Bangladesh then RoyalSoft is the best option for you. Because we are working on HR payroll software in Bangladesh for last 16 years. Our HRM software is very popular in Bangladesh. Our software is known the best hr software and payroll software in Bangladesh. If you want to know payroll software price in Bangladesh, call us: 01973009007


  • 3 Websites
  • 20 GB SSD
  • 1 Domain Name
  • 5 Email
  • 1x CPU & RAM
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  • 10 Websites
  • 50 GB SSD
  • 1 Domain Name
  • 20 Email
  • 1.5x CPU & RAM
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  • 30 Websites
  • 150 GB SSD
  • 1 Domain Name
  • 40 Email
  • 2x CPU & RAM
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  • 100 Websites
  • 500 GB SSD
  • 1 Domain Name
  • 100 Email
  • 4x CPU & RAM
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About HR Software

Human Resource Management System / hr software (SMARTPAY) or Human Resource Information Management System (HRIMS) or Human Capital Management (HCM) is for human resources software that processes data and keeps it secure. It has many features and functions that make employee management and their account related work easy. Accounts, attendance, loan, tax, payroll, performance, and reports can be handled almost simultaneously with this system.

Objectives of HR Software


  1. 1.Open Customer Accounts and Customer Branches
  2. 2.Make Sales Areas, Sales Types, Sales Groups, Salesman Groups
  3. 3.Make Sales Groups to group Customer Branches together.
  4. 4.Sales Quotations: Make them. (with inquiry and creating of Sales Orders)
  5. 5.Prepare Sales Orders and Goods Delivery Notes
  6. 6.Prepare Customer Invoices and Credit Notes
  7. 7.Make Batch Invoicing for more than one delivery order.
  8. 8.All of the Sales documents are completely editable and printable
  9. 9.Point of sales definitions for better handling of cash sales
  10. 10.Customer Payments and Allocations
  11. 11.Company logos can attached to sales documents
  12. 12.Dimensions can select for Sales Delivery and Invoices
  13. 13.Shipping Costs and Legal Text can add to Invoices


  • *Open Supplier accounts
  • *Make Purchase Orders, Goods Receivable Notes, and Payment Terms
  • *Clearing of Goods Receivable Notes
  • *Entry of Supplier price lists & related conversion factors into purchase prices
  • *Prepare Debit Notes and record Credit Notes from Suppliers
  • *Supplier Payments and Allocations
  • *Company logos can attach to documents
  • *Option of attaching scanned documents with transactions


  1. Record Stock Items
  2. Define Item Categories and Item Locations
  3. Record location transfers and other adjustments
  4. Set re-order levels for Inventory Items
  5. Automatic calculation of average material cost (per unit)
  6. Application of standard and overhead costs, into material prices
  7. The number of Items can be measured into standard units
  8. Foreign codes registration for barcode scanner entry


  1. Open Bank and Petty Cash Accounts
  2. Record payments, deposits and withdrawals in related accounts
  3. Various currencies can add and foreign currency translation is also done
  4. Record bank inquiries and reports
  5. Prepare bank accounts reconciliation
  6. Transactions can make void and reprinted


  • *Open general ledger accounts, account classes, and groups
  • * Record journal entries and budget entries
  • * Generate ledger accounts detailed inquiries with drill-down reports
  • * Make journal inquiries with an option to view journal entries
  • *Closes the fiscal year and brings forward retained earnings
  • * Record depreciation entries on period based
  • * Make journal entries with the corresponding entry in the supplier/customer account
  • *Filter General Ledger reports by dimensions
  • * Quick entries (preset GL transactions) in bank deposit/payment, journal entry, and supplier invoice/credit

HR Software in Bangladesh

The software has changed the way accounting works because it has automated a lot of simple tasks. If you live in Bangladesh, there are a lot of companies that make accounting software that can be used by businesses and groups of all sizes. A wide range of programs is available from these companies, ranging from small businesses to large corporations. These programs meet the needs of their clients, from small businesses to large corporations. Here, we’ll look at some of the most popular accounting software in Bangladesh and what each one can do for you. Sage One, which is cloud-based accounting software for small businesses, is the best software for this type of business. A lot of other things can be done with it, like invoicing, keeping track of expenses, and making reports. Simple: Sage One can be used on any device that has an internet connection so it is very easy to use and learn. Sage One can be used on any type of computer or tablet. When it comes to accounting software for small businesses, QuickBooks is one of the best. A lot of other things can do with it, like invoicing, keeping track of expenses, and making reports. A lot of people also like that it’s easy to use and that they can use it from any computer that has an internet connection.

Payrole Software in Bangladesh

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